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ADSD Training – The purpose of this course is to provide drivers with a comprehensive understanding of the necessary driving skills and techniques for both road and desert conditions. By completing ADSD training, drivers will be equipped with the knowledge they need to navigate safely and effectively, minimizing the risk of getting stuck, lost, abandoned or experiencing a rollover accident.


  • Inspection of Vehicle
  • Driver responsibility
  • Vehicle usage regulations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Analyzing reasons of accidents
  • Existing hazards on the road
  • Defensive driver’s qualities
  • Tyre awareness
  • Skidding control
  • Safe Parking techniques
  • Safe lane changing techniques
  • Weather condition Awareness
  • Desert Safety Box requirements
  • Route knowledge
  • How to avoid getting stuck
  • How to deseen a sand dune
  • How to choose the right way in the desert track?
  • How to tow a stuck vehicle?
  • How to deal with sand storm
  • How to deal with blow holes
  • Survival in desert


The primary objective of ADSD training for both light and heavy vehicles is to provide drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently and safely operate their vehicles in challenging road conditions. Our comprehensive program covers a wide range of topics, including the latest advancements in vehicle technology such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, and emergency braking systems.

Participants in our ADSD Training program will receive instruction on defensive driving techniques, hazard perception, effective decision-making skills, as well as vehicle dynamics. They will gain an understanding of their vehicle’s limitations and capabilities, proper maintenance and inspection procedures, and learn how to navigate turns, intersections, and other common scenarios encountered while operating heavy vehicles.

We acknowledge the unique challenges associated with operating heavy vehicles. For this reason, our training program emphasizes specific skills and knowledge required for handling heavy-duty vehicles. Individuals will gain expertise in load management strategies as well as stability and handling techniques. Additionally, they will acquire valuable insights on navigating turns, intersections, and other common scenarios encountered while operating heavy vehicles.

At ADSD Training, we firmly believe that combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience is paramount to developing safe and competent drivers. Our instructors consist of highly qualified professionals who possess substantial experience in the field. They adeptly guide participants through a series of exercises and simulations designed to reinforce key concepts and enhance essential skills.

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