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AGT (authorized Gas tester)

Authorized gas tester training program provides delegates with the necessary knowledge to safely conduct gas testing in confined spaces. It also covers the identification and awareness of potential hazards associated with working in confined spaces. In addition, delegates will learn about the relevant legislation related to gas testing, as well as the proper use of gas measuring and monitoring equipment. The importance of documenting gas test results will also be highlighted during this training program.


  • When Gas Test is Required?
  • Who can do Gas Test?
  • Hazardous Atmosphere
  • Flammable Gas, LEL & UEL & Flammability Range
  • Oxygen Deficiency and Enrichment
  • Hazard of Toxic Contaminants
  • Terminologies & Definitions [TWA, STEL, TLV-Ceiling]
  • Relative Density & its Importance.
  • Gas Dispersion & Gas Testing Locations.
  • Gas Test Practices.
    Portable Gas Monitors [Limitations, Basic Checks & General Considerations]
  • Sample MGT [Activation, Self-Test, Pump Test, Calibration, Bump Test & De-activation]
  • Summary
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