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dDC (Defensive Driving)

The course is designed to ensure that drivers fully understand the safe driving skills and techniques on the road.


  • Inspection of Vehicle
  • Driver responsibility
  • Vehicle Usage Regulations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Analyzing Reasons of Accidents
  • Existing Hazards on the Road
  • Defensive Driver’s Qualities
  • Tire Awareness
  • Skidding Control
  • Safe Parking Techniques
  • Safe Lane Changing Techniques
  • Weather Condition Awareness
  • Route Knowledge

Defensive Driving Course

During a defensive driving course, participants will learn various strategies and techniques to help them become more proactive and cautious drivers. They will gain a deeper understanding of traffic laws, road signs, and common driving hazards such as distracted driving, aggressive driving, and adverse weather conditions. Defensive driving courses also cover topics such as proper vehicle maintenance, the importance of wearing seat belts, and the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

By completing a defensive driving course, drivers can expect to see a variety of benefits. Firstly, they will have an increased awareness of their surroundings and the actions of other drivers, allowing them to make better decisions on the road. This heightened sense of awareness can significantly reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident. Additionally, defensive driving training can lead to lower insurance premiums, as many insurance companies offer discounts to individuals who have completed an accredited defensive driving course.

For organizations, implementing this training for employees who drive as part of their job responsibilities can improve workplace safety and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. By investing in the professional development of their employees, companies can demonstrate their commitment to safety and improve their overall reputation.

In conclusion, ddc training is an essential course for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their driving skills and promote safety on the road. The knowledge and skills gained through this training can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall road safety. Whether you are an individual looking to improve your driving skills or an organization invested in the safety of your employees, defensive driving training is a valuable investment.

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